20th June: Green Eyed Monster on Steroids 😱

I am really lucky to work with a lovely bunch of people, a few weeks after Emily's dad left I went to the office for a catch up and told everyone and they were the perfect combination of angry and sympathetic. One friend absolutely refused to believe it for a while and genuinely thought I … Continue reading 20th June: Green Eyed Monster on Steroids 😱

15th – 16th June: Dual Parenting Day

I know this is ridiculously late, but I got ridiculously lazy. I know it's technically Father's Day weekend but my friend wished me a happy dual parenting day and I fucking loved that 💪🏻 We did father's day with my dad on the Saturday as he didn't realise it was fathers day and made plans … Continue reading 15th – 16th June: Dual Parenting Day

7th June: Feeling lonely

It was just me and Emily today, which happens a lot and I'm normally fine with but today I just feel really lonely. I'm also really stressed about how I'll cope when I go back to work. Mostly the thought of getting a strong willed baby out the door before 8am...a strong willed baby that … Continue reading 7th June: Feeling lonely

1st May: Caterpillars and Chickens

Inanimate objects are my enemy. Today I was slicing a plum and remembered buying the knife to take with us to the village hall we hired for the wedding. We had a big pile of limes and lemons to put in the G&Ts so we needed a knife to cut them with (photo below for … Continue reading 1st May: Caterpillars and Chickens

5th April: Loving the little things (or trying to)

I am still feeling yesterday's bad mood. Frank spent all night on and off barking and whining because he wanted to be in the room with us so now I feel exhausted and sad at how unsettled he is. I'm also stuck in that 'I did not sign up to this' particular mood where I … Continue reading 5th April: Loving the little things (or trying to)