1st August: And back to work

Today was my first day at work after over a year off. I had been quite nervous about it. Nervous about leaving Emily. Nervous about my ability to get ready on time whilst looking after Emily. Nervous about being awake enough to do some work. Nervous about missing her and feeling out of place after … Continue reading 1st August: And back to work

20th June: Green Eyed Monster on Steroids 😱

I am really lucky to work with a lovely bunch of people, a few weeks after Emily's dad left I went to the office for a catch up and told everyone and they were the perfect combination of angry and sympathetic. One friend absolutely refused to believe it for a while and genuinely thought I … Continue reading 20th June: Green Eyed Monster on Steroids 😱

8th June: York Pride

I was feeling shitty last night and messaging a friend having a right old whinge. She suggested Emily and I come to York early and have tea and chat at hers before we wander into the city to meet one of our other single mum friends to follow the Pride march onto the racecourse. We … Continue reading 8th June: York Pride

7th May: A tiny traitor

So I technically can get things done when I'm looking after Emily. She is slowly gaining the ability to sit and amuse herself. But she does like a lot of attention and has a very strong interest in the cat food. I've worked out that if I put Emily at the far end of the … Continue reading 7th May: A tiny traitor

Thank God for good women

I don't know if you've ever had one of those moments where you feel like your whole world has just come crashing down? Where you kind of knew this moment was coming but the hideousness of the reality of the situation wipes you off your feet. It takes everything you've got away from you. Your … Continue reading Thank God for good women