13th June: No title

Couldn't think of a title. Morning at Gingerbread meet up with the single mums and then into York afterwards. I got a picture of Lendal Bridge (which I do most weeks even though it's the same photo) Then I was on the look out for a daily gratitude journal as I thought it would keep … Continue reading 13th June: No title

4th June: A naughty day of treats in York

I haven't been to baby cinema since I got dumped so I was definitely making sure I saw Aladdin at Everyman York. We got the train from Sherburn as its only £5 and arrived early at the cinema, here we are waiting for the screen to open Although it was busy we had a sofa … Continue reading 4th June: A naughty day of treats in York

3rd May: Bloody LOADS of photos

Another day in York so obviously I made sure to have my phone with me. I've been feeling a bit down this week and was due to meet a friend, when she messaged me mirroring a few things I was thinking I thought sod it...let's use my afternoon tea vouchers and have a treat. Carpe … Continue reading 3rd May: Bloody LOADS of photos