13th June: Brunching babes

One of my friends was back from Stockholm so we had a brunch out with our five baby girls, one toddler girl and the mamas. We always go to Fields Kitchen in Sherburn as there is plenty of space for highchairs and pushchairs. I spent many months visiting Fields bouncing a baby on one side … Continue reading 13th June: Brunching babes

3rd June: Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Swimming is better than crying. Sink or swim. Swim, swim, swim. I'm actually fairly shit at swimming but I finally got around to taking Emily swimming in the hope she won't be quite so shit. So here is a photo of me in a bikini because it's my blog and I'll use it to post … Continue reading 3rd June: Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

20th May: Lidl is the bomb

You would think it would be easy to write a daily diary entry when you are on maternity leave. Turns out I'm a bit shit at accomplishing small tasks. Monday we went to Austhorpe Photography to lend out the baby to see how one of these floral type shoots would look on a bigger baby. … Continue reading 20th May: Lidl is the bomb

15th May: what a wonderful Wetherby morning

So I find it quite annoying when the baby falls asleep on me at home. I'm only doing so many posts as I am stuck under the sleeping baby and my nipple is held hostage. When I was straight out of the shower she demanded a feed so I'm sat naked on the arm chair … Continue reading 15th May: what a wonderful Wetherby morning

8th May: Wet Wednesday

This Wednesday has primarily been spent sat in a car in the rain while the baby sleeps. It's absolutely pouring down but Emily was getting tired and grouchy mid morning and I didn't know how to get her to sleep without massive effort bouncing around the house with the sling so we went to Garforth. … Continue reading 8th May: Wet Wednesday

1st May: Caterpillars and Chickens

Inanimate objects are my enemy. Today I was slicing a plum and remembered buying the knife to take with us to the village hall we hired for the wedding. We had a big pile of limes and lemons to put in the G&Ts so we needed a knife to cut them with (photo below for … Continue reading 1st May: Caterpillars and Chickens

5th April: Loving the little things (or trying to)

I am still feeling yesterday's bad mood. Frank spent all night on and off barking and whining because he wanted to be in the room with us so now I feel exhausted and sad at how unsettled he is. I'm also stuck in that 'I did not sign up to this' particular mood where I … Continue reading 5th April: Loving the little things (or trying to)

3rd April: Living with the strawberry hat of dreams

Today I looked a bit shit, unwashed hair, minimal make up, didn't even wear a bra. How I look is irrelevant as no one can see past the strawberry hat of dreams. I'm not even joking, the attention this hat gets is ridiculous. I frequently walk into shops and the shop assistant will call the … Continue reading 3rd April: Living with the strawberry hat of dreams

Find Your Tribe: a Daisy Appreciation Post

I feel like there are set times in your life when it is easiest (and most important) to get a really good friendship group which is normally school, uni, babies and if you're lucky work. When I was pregnant I really felt the pressure to make Mum friends, everyone seems to act like NCT is … Continue reading Find Your Tribe: a Daisy Appreciation Post

1st April: A standard Monday

I think Frank has a love hate relationship with Emily where he thinks she is interesting and loves the offcasts from weaning but also resents her space on the sofa and attention she takes. I often find myself squashed on both sides from them. My husband will soon be taking Frank to live with him, … Continue reading 1st April: A standard Monday