I got stood up today. Stupid men.

So I’m very nearly back at work and I booked a last minute nursery day to keep the baby in the swing of things.

I’ve also been chatting to an attractive, tall, but also a bit odd doctor on Bumble. I thought I’d let him know I was free as he’s a doctor so odd shift patterns and a chance he was off…which he was!

He offered to drive to me to meet up and seemed quite keen, he lives in Headingley which I throught would have better places to go for a drink so I said I’ll come to you, just let me know when and where to meet, this was yesterday. Then…nothing.

So I find this strange that he would be keen one day and then nothing the next. Also I am obviously excellent company so this is clearly a puzzling situation.

However I went to see Lion King this morning and it was glorious. I bloody love Beyonce (Nala) and it was entirely beautiful. I also smuggled a flat white from Starbucks in my bag with no spillages.

And then a tinder guy I wasn’t really that arsed about kept trying to arrange a meet up this afternoon. But he was being a bit annoying so I thought fuck it I shall take my fine self out on a date.

So here I am sat by a lake, bit of Bruce Springsteen playing, some WhatsApp chat with my excellent lady friends, coffee, cookie and kindle. What could be better?! Certainly not a date with a borderline fuck boy from Headingley.

So to once again quote Katherine Ryan… I’m not lonely when I’m alone because I get to hang out with meeeeee.

Post publishing edit: he messaged ‘sorry got sidetracked’. OK, off you fuck then.

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