27th-28th June: Pasta, Prosecco, Pizza, Peroni

So the cold from the previous week lingered disgustingly on. I was all mucus. Aware of how hideous I was I stayed at home and only ventured out for carbs and painkillers. Luckily for me Emily’s dad came over after work on the Monday to help out. My dad came over on the Tuesday and I had a beautifully long nap (sans bebe).

My sister made a last minute decision to book Thursday and Friday off work to come and help out. So I was only a proper single parent on the Wednesday which was pretty bloody lucky.

Thursday morning I picked Auntie Jem Jems up from Selby train station. Parking was shit so I parked round the corner by the charity shop by the Ouse and got these beauties:

Then we went to Aldi where I picked up this blue shell sand pit and paddling pool for £15 which is like one we had as children:

Despite thinking the one at Eureka was amazing she lost her shit when I put her in this one 😒.

Then I just laid out in the garden all afternoon eating fruit and chocolate and ridiculously hot siracha crisps from Lidl (do not recommend). Then we had prosecco with dinner. Perfect.

Friday I still felt shit so we stayed home for most of it. We finally ventured out to Berts Barrow where they were doing pizza night so we hung around in the hope there would be a slot (you have to pre book your pizza). But I got to have a beer and lie around while we were waiting. It was lovely.

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