15th – 16th June: Dual Parenting Day

I know this is ridiculously late, but I got ridiculously lazy.

I know it’s technically Father’s Day weekend but my friend wished me a happy dual parenting day and I fucking loved that 💪🏻

We did father’s day with my dad on the Saturday as he didn’t realise it was fathers day and made plans on the Sunday. Really not sure how he missed that when they start gearing up for it as soon as Easter is over.

I was feeling pretty crap about life. But then my Dad turned up with flowers and chocolates. No reason, just a nice present. Then we went to Queen O T’Owd Thatch for lunch. It was really nice, they won the Observer Sunday lunch of the year award. We are pie fans so we both had steak and ale.

Then we headed off to St Aidens RSPB reserve which was an open cast mine until recently when they flooded it. Its pretty huge and as it is newly natured over the trees are all quite young so you get lovely views across a big area. My dad had a chat with the RSPB guy and apparently there are all kinds of exciting birds I have no clue about.

Then we got absolutely drenched in the rain. Emily got a bit pissy with me because she didn’t like the noise of the rain on the umbrella. Which was a bit annoying as she was completley dry but I was completely drenched from the waist down.

When we got home I had this beauty of a delivery from my lovely cousin:

So I was thoroughly spoilt.

So all in all a good day.

Actual fathers day Emily’s dad came over. We chilled out all day but I did get a bunch of Happy Dual Parenting flowers from my oldest friend 🥰

So all in all I was a bit #blessed (that was a joke, I didn’t seriously put this on Instagram). However the social media shit show that surrounds fathers day is enough to make you feel shitey mc shite when your husband has left. Which I know is completely ungrateful of me as I know that I’m quite lucky to have a good relationship with him and lovely humans supporting me elsewhere but it is HARD to get that green eyed monster to shut up.

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