13th June: No title

Couldn’t think of a title.

Morning at Gingerbread meet up with the single mums and then into York afterwards. I got a picture of Lendal Bridge (which I do most weeks even though it’s the same photo)

Then I was on the look out for a daily gratitude journal as I thought it would keep me positive. Paperchase was a bit disappointing but then I found this in Waterstones. Not technically a gratitude journal but close enough, and I like the gold edging.

Then we had a quick lunch at Pret as we wouldn’t be home until mid afternoon. I had the toasted wrap with falafel and halloumi and a flat white. Both very nice. A quick stop at Bettys to get my mother in law some chocolate for her birthday (she is looking after Emily when I’m back at work saving me many many £££s so I feel I should get at least something).

We had a little listen to these guys, apparently Emily was bobbing her feet along to the tune (a stranger told me) her face looked pretty bored though to be honest.

Then we rushed back as we had an appointment at Emily’s nursery to get her signed up. It’s a really nice nursery so the whole other nursery cancelation thing probably worked out for the best. And we saw her little friend playing quite happily which was nice.

When we got home I had a fat rascal to look forward to. They normally go straight in my mouth but today I thought I would be all fancy and have it slightly warm so the butter melts. It turned out like this:

I obviously still ate it but it’s just one more thing to add to the list of stupid things I’ve done this week. Quite annoying.

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