A letter to my baby and her squishy little cheeks

Dear Daughter

I love to kiss you on the cheek

I love how soft your baby skin is

I love how squishy those chubby cheeks are

I love to feel the cosy warmth of them when you are snoozing in my bed

I love to feel the cool air on one cheek and the warmth of the other that snuggles against me in the sling

I love them when they are damp after your bath and your wriggly body smells so clean but defies being wrapped up in the towel

I even love those baby cheeks when you have smeared them in tomatoes and cream cheese at dinner

I especially love them when they squish up and those tiny little teeth are on display in your beautiful smile

They might not be so squishy forever but I hope you’ll always rest them on my shoulder and let me plant the occasional kiss on them, my precious little bear.

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