13th June: Brunching babes

One of my friends was back from Stockholm so we had a brunch out with our five baby girls, one toddler girl and the mamas. We always go to Fields Kitchen in Sherburn as there is plenty of space for highchairs and pushchairs.

I spent many months visiting Fields bouncing a baby on one side and stuffing a sandwich in my mouth with one hand. Not relaxing at all. All my friends with chill babies would just let them relax in the car seat or pram and have two hands to use cutlery on whatever food they fancied. Normally delicious smelling garlic mushrooms on toast.

Emily now sits in a highchair. Woohoo! I entertained her until the last minute then when my very own mushrooms made their way over I put her in her highchair and bribed her with various finger foods (cucumber sticks, plum slices, babybel and tomato and cheese pinwheels – basically foods she can smear on me without making a mess). The ability to eat a meal with two hands and no baby on your lap / sling is a very good thing.

There is however a time limit so by cake o clock I had to balance her on one knee. But the benefit of having a toddler around is that if you dangle a baby in their direction they sometimes take it upon themselves to amuse them with various toys. So I subcontracted child care to a three year old. I assume that this is why people have children with a 2 to 3 year age gap. Any more and the eldest is at school so you have to entertain the youngest yourself.

I also had this photo taken (up top ⬆️) which isn’t a slanty angled selfie which is a nice change.

Groucho needed a nap after brunch so we headed off in the car to let her snooze. I ended up sat outside the church playgroup while she slept with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack on in the rain. Quite relaxing, but less relaxing than it would have been if my car wasn’t an actual junk yard of raincoats, umbrellas and coffee cups.

We did get to catch some of the playgroup after naptime. Not quite as good as usual as Margaret (lead vocalist of Caterpillar Club) was ill so the singalongs lacked the usual ENTHUSIASM that her puppet Beaky brings to the party. They do make me a cup of tea though so still good. Also Emily made another toddler friend to pass her toys and talk to her.

Then when I got home my day turned into the SHITTEST DAY EVER. Basically I fucked up a share portal thing and missed a deadline which resulted in me missing out on around £400-£500 for actual fucking fucks sake. I was already annoyed about dropping £30 on Saturday but this screw up really just pisses all over that. I phoned them up but was told about the deadline and terms and conditions.

Then I phoned up my nursery to arrange settling in sessions and apparently EVERYONE finishes work before 3pm on a Friday so that’s when they close the nursery. You joking mate? Who are these people? Please let me know so I can have their jobs. 3pm finish, bloody part timers. This meant that I was basically without a nursery place as I know without asking that if I say I want to finish before 3pm every Friday that I will be told no. Which is fair.

So I had to last minute call another nursery I had visited in the past. And when I said 1st August start they were a bit shocked that I meant this year. Luckily they had availability, and it’s a bit cheaper so win win really.

But obviously I’m still pissed off about the £500.

Thank goodness I had this to console myself with:

Unbelievably good. (post publishing edit, unbelievably good with strong, hot coffee but a bit average with sugary sugary cold Coke)

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