What I ate today

Oh yes. Quite a boring one for the majority of people…skip it if you don’t have any interest in what I eat. I however am a little bored this afternoon so I’m doing it…


Cream cheese bagels, blueberries

Double decaf espresso topped up with a little milk

And then another of the above as I fancied cake but in a rare moment of self restraint (had no cake in as I had already depleted my supplies) I went for a Jordans cereal bar and needed an accompanying drink


Fruit scone with butter (too cold to spread. Bloody nightmare. NEVER put butter in the fridge prior to serving. ALWAYS room temperature for God’s sake people)

Flat white. Too big, too weak.

Neither were prepared by me (obvs)

… I’m aware this isn’t really lunch

Afternoon Snack:

Cheese and onion crisps

Full sugar Coke. Leftover bottle from my Dominoes binge on Saturday. Lovely, lovely glass of cold Coke. Quite heavenly.

Snippets of leftover roast chicken while stood at the fridge.

Tiny bit of Babybel stolen from Emily

Massive pot of Hebden Tea Company sweet cherry redbush loose leaf tea


Roast chicken, tomato and mayonnaise sandwich



Miniature Mars bar

Macciatto (decaf)


I don’t feed all of the junk to Emily, she gets a much healthier meal. Hence why I had broccoli to accompany my sandwich as it was an add on from Emily’s dinner.

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