40 before 40 challenge

I thought this would be a fun distraction to stop me drifting into a shitty mood. It’s always good to have little challenges to look forward to and I think it is good to stop and think about what you want or would enjoy, especially at the end of a relationship when you can get back to prioritising your own wants again.

For anyone who can count I’m aware that this isn’t 40 things. However I’ve got 9 years and 9 months so no MAJOR rush.

Visit the Alhambra Palace I used to be into historical fiction and I read about Katherine of Aragon growing up here and how advanced it was for it’s time in comparison to the rest of medieval Europe and I’ve wanted to go ever since.

Go abroad just me and Emily this won’t be in the baby or toddler years. She won’t know any different so I’ll wait until it can be a little adventure for us when she is old enough to have fun.

Fly in a helicopter (or hot air balloon) maybe over The Dales or Lakes

An exercise challenge (Half Tough Mudder or Y3P or half marathon)

Go camping (again) we used to go every year with my dad growing up but I haven’t done it since I was a teenager

Do a massive zip line the one in the Snowdonia National Park is a mile long and reaches 100mph! Scary but fun

Go wild swimming

Go skinny dipping (a bit of a cheat as it will probably involve two at once) I blame Kate Humble on Countryfile for this one. However I shall be picking a warmer month and area.

Train on the Harry Potter route or to grown ups the Jacobite Route. I’d love to do a road trip around Scotland, visit lots of castles, do hikes and eat haggis so this would be a fun thing to do then.

Take drugs in Amsterdam cannabis / weed / whatever you want to call it as I have never actually done it (I’m quite a law abiding citizen), but when in Amsterdam and all that!

Fire a bow and arrow I definitely used to have a thing for Orlando Bloom as Legolas when I was a teenager. Also, come the zombie apocalypse when there are no bullets left I feel like it would be a useful skill.

Go horse riding (again) I’ve done it a couple of times but I haven’t done it in at least five years so I think it’s worth adding to the list

Get drunk at a music festival I’m not really a music person so haven’t done this. Eighteen months into pregnancy / breastfeeding I pretty much just want to get drunk anywhere to be honest.

(re) learn French well enough to maintain a conversation I did A level but haven’t really done anything since then (12 years ago!)

Complete some form of ‘best books’ reading challenge I need to get my bum around to picking one. Although I love reading there are so many classics I feel I should have read but haven’t so I definitely need a list to cover all the best ones.

Go on a joint family holiday with friends and their children just for fun once they are all toddlers / children

Do a photography course only a few hours or day as a one off

Do a wine tasting yum

Join a running club

Take Emily to Disney world literally the only thing I seriously want to achieve in my life

Take Emily to a West End show ahhhhh zee ven yaaaaah

See the ballet live

Bake a loaf of bread

Have sex (again) I will be seriously annoyed if I don’t complete this one

Stay overnight in a tree house pretty cool yes?! Do you remember the episode of The Crown where Liz and Phil stay in a RIDICULOUS tree house on safari in Kenya? (S1E2 15 minutes in, go watch it, it’s beautiful) Well I’m not optimistic enough for that exact trip but a little tree top stay in a forest in the UK would be quite nice too.

Go on a speed boat or jet ski

Have a naked photoshoot before I get old and / or fat. However I have a feeling I may scrap this one on the basis that I will never have money to throw on this kind of thing. But having said that I would quite like to have one so that when I’m 90 I can look back on it.

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