10th June: A better day

After my Sunday afternoon shit show my friend suggested we meet in York for cake and sympathy.

Emily and I were supposed to go swimming beforehand but Emily was up for a lie in and therefore so was I.

We met at Hilda and Jane’s near the City Walls on the Racecourse side of town. They had a huge selection of brownies, I had memory loss immediately after the waitress listed all the options so had to go with Toblerone on the basis that it was the last one. I also had the milkshake featured which was very Instagramable but had something in it which shouldn’t be. My guess was a sticker from the pack of strawberries had fallen in. Anyway they were very apologetic, I don’t think they had been open long and it was a nice place so still worth a visit.

I met my friend through the Gingerbread charity for single parents and she has had a similar experience to me so it’s really good to have someone to chat to who understands.

We had a wander around and bought some Vitamin E Hydrating Mist which was cheap and on offer. Apparently it is good, I quite enjoyed how lightly it goes on. Then we had a potter around Museum Gardens which I go to fairly often but hadn’t realised there is a nice planted area behind the gallery / Abbey ruins where we stopped for a bit. Then onto the charity shops where I got this lot. And then we made use of Jo Jo Maman Bebe’s changing facilities where I got this handy little pack away high chair.

Then we stopped at a cafe somewhere around the back of Brown’s but I really can’t remember the name. We had tea and crumpets. Can’t beat buttery crumpets and tea sometimes. It was also big enough for her toddler to let off some steam.

On the way back to the car I got a couple of bits :

I know people say this ALL THE TIME but I really really really want to have matching shoes. I know I could probably find some similar Charlotte Olympia shoes but unfortunately I don’t have money to throw around (despite the fact I quite literally threw £30 away on Saturday. STILL ANNOYED.)

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