My Perfect Man

My therapist actually said it can be a good idea to draw up a wishlist of what you want in a man before you start dating. I think the idea is that once you start dating you can get swept up in the fun / romance / lust and waste your time and emotions on … Continue reading My Perfect Man

7th June: Feeling lonely

It was just me and Emily today, which happens a lot and I'm normally fine with but today I just feel really lonely. I'm also really stressed about how I'll cope when I go back to work. Mostly the thought of getting a strong willed baby out the door before 8am...a strong willed baby that … Continue reading 7th June: Feeling lonely

6th June: Everything I did. Literally Everything

A day in the life of... How boring you may be thinking. Well whatever, someone said to me 'I don't know how you do it' so I thought I might as well post a typical day for us. However I don't really do typical days, I'm not good at routine but here was our Thursday. … Continue reading 6th June: Everything I did. Literally Everything