My oh my this baby is beautiful. Thanks Austhorpe Photography

We have had a few shoots with Austhorpe Photography from a pregnancy shoot to a Halloween shoot and a Mummy and Me shoot (which is my header on the home page). Emily has generally LOVED being the centre of attention and smiled like a little angel.

So Claire at Austhorpe Photography in Garforth asked if we would come along to try out doing some of the backgrounds she usually does on newborns (for free, yay).

I timed naps badly and Emily was so not into the shoot. She was happy enough with my nipple in her mouth but weirdly Claire didn’t want a sitting baby with a side shot of boob. I managed to hover my boob over the seat until the last second and Claire had about a minute of happiness before Emily screamed Miiillllk another time.

Anyway, here are the shots:

I love how she is tapping her little foot. Pretty cute I think.

The romper was gifted to Claire by Little Sewing Me available here.

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