4th June: A naughty day of treats in York

I haven’t been to baby cinema since I got dumped so I was definitely making sure I saw Aladdin at Everyman York.

We got the train from Sherburn as its only £5 and arrived early at the cinema, here we are waiting for the screen to open

Although it was busy we had a sofa to ourselves. There was a tiny baby next to use we made friends with, little Henry. His mum gave Emily lots of attention which I enjoyed. They brought over my flat white and cherry slice type thing. All very tasty.

The movie was good but I’m more of a Beauty and the Beast girl if I’m honest. Will Smith was a pretty good genie.

After we took the walls walk to get into the centre and hopped off at Lendal Bridge

I wanted somewhere with a highchair for Emily’s lunch so we went to little Betty’s. I had a chicken sandwich and Earl Grey tea. Emily had cucumber, apricot, roast chicken and baby biscotti (basically low mess food). Here she is looking cute:

She made a friend whose daughter is now 21 and he obviously missed the baby days. He was very friendly but I had zero interest in being peopley.

Then we went to Body Shop to get the Chamomile Cleansing Balm. It is very nice. They had sold out of the SPF 50 face stuff annoyingly.

After that I went to Brown’s to get some lip liner to go with my Bobbi Brown Tulle lipstick. I feel like I’ve made an effort with lipstick on so it’s nice to have a bit of liner to make it last longer and look better.

I had some time to kill before the train so got a mocha. I planned to drink it in peace at the station but Betty’s man was there. I realised as he shouted ‘it’s little Emily!’ as I walked past. He had obviously been telling his train friends all about her but they looked like they gave zero shits. I awkwardly chatted for the minimum amount of time and shuffled away.

Exciting fact, built in 1877 it was the largest train station in the world. It was the second train station in York as the first was built inside the walls but wasn’t a through route so required trains to drive in then reverse out which was obviously a right old faff for the London to Edinburgh train (which has York as the half way point).

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