3rd June: Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Swimming is better than crying.

Sink or swim.

Swim, swim, swim.

I’m actually fairly shit at swimming but I finally got around to taking Emily swimming in the hope she won’t be quite so shit.

So here is a photo of me in a bikini because it’s my blog and I’ll use it to post nearly nude photos of my body if I feel like it. I’m not looking 100% amazing, no make up, slightly squishy tum so not exactly the same as pre baby. However the boobs are slightly bigger so it’s swings and roundabouts really. It’s not evident in this picture but I’m fairly sure by bum has gotten flatter post baby. I think it is quite energy intensive to breastfeed so my body stole fat from my bum. I never wanted a flat bum so it’s a bit annoying really.

Swimming was OK. Emily was unsure but not the worst baby in class. I always aim for not the worst baby in class. I got a few smiles and giggles out of her which was nice. I was a little concerned as I don’t think you are supposed to breastfeed in the pool and that is pretty much my only parenting skill and response to all scenarios. However if I pretend to eat her toes she thinks it is hilarious so I resorted to toe eating and all was well.

However I will say that all these mothers that lie about baby sleeping for hours after swimming can piss off. It just invigorated her the tiny rascal. I brought a book with me for nap time. No such luck.

However when I got home I had this excellent delivery from my sister to cheer me up from all the crying at the weekend. Happy days.

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