30th May: So ranty, so angry. In summary husbands, boilers and cars are all TWATS

So I’ve definitely complained about this before but here I go again MY HUSBAND LEFT ME WHILST I’M ON MATERNITY LEAVE it’s out of order isn’t it?!

So now I have zero income other than child maintenance.

And my car was a £500 twat recently and now my boiler joined in the fun costing me £370 for a new fan plus I need a service costing £100 and a dodgy toilet will cost £40.

So we planned out all our finances before trying for a baby and my plans definitely did not include my husband moving out and my car and boiler both being twats in the same month.

So I spent the morning having the boiler done and then had a picnic with friends at Lotherton Hall. I have a membership so at least that bit was free and I took a flask of coffee and cake to avoid spending money on take out stuff from the cafe. I’m pretty good at hemorrhaging money so that’s a small win.

Anyways no photos of actual interesting stuff so here was my breakfast.

Post publishing edit: COMPLETELY forgot to add the fact that I spent the whole evening crying and phoning my Dad going ‘I’m sooo saaaad’. I was very sad. Fuck my life.

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