2nd June: Thought I would try something different and just cry and cry

If you read my last two posts you will be aware this was a joke. This is not different, I cry a lot.

I went to a barbecue at my ex’s parents house as I want Emily to get used to his mother as she will be looking after her a couple of days when I go back to work.

It was OK being there but someone was talking about a baby the same age as Emily. The father can’t hold down a job for long, he is ugly (apparently – I don’t know him) and at times aggressive. I’ve had the same job since FOREVER, I wouldn’t call me ugly and I’m quite shit at being aggressive. So why did I get dumped?! I can play this stupid game in many different scenarios. Ever such a fun one is this game.

So I went home and I criiieeed. Again.

But here is a picture of my dog, it’s not relevant but I like him so why not.

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