1st June: New month, new walls, same old crying

So my ex came over to decorate Emily’s bedroom. Emily hasn’t had a bedroom yet even though she is nine months old as my ex absolutely could not give up having constant access to his enormous computer and weights and bench set up. No no, that wouldn’t be possible.

It’s not like pregnant women enjoy preparing a bedroom for their first baby so that everything feels ready.

Fast forward a while and he left home but also left the fucking weights and computer. Apparently they aren’t that important in his life. Too important to allow his child a room but not so important that he couldn’t go months without them in his new house. They are still in my house now. I’m not bitter. I’M NOT BITTER AT ALL.

Anyway my 67 year old father dismantled the ridiculously heavy weights rack and carried all the weights into the shed for me. The desk is still lingering but we just worked around that.

So anyway we decorated the room again, just the same colour so we could do a super quick job as we only had half a day (as he only arrived at lunch time) and I basically spent a lot of it crying and painting. Oh such fun.

I did get flowers though. My friend told me to burn them but I reckon they aren’t that flammable.

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