29th May: Treat yo’self

If you are an avid subscriber and have very little to fill your memory space you may remember I bought this cheap wooden walker which seemed really sturdy and heavy but started tipping and scared me. So I found this on Facebook marketplace for £5 which is much better. One of my friends did actually recommend I get this one to start with. If you know a mother of three just buy whatever they tell you to straight away they obviously know their mum stuff.

As I picked it up from Wetherby I couldn’t resist a little charity shopping trip. It wasn’t as successful as normal as I went recently so probably bought out all the good baby stock. However I did find these bits:

I think these are meant to clip toys to a highchair or pram. Actually Emily just thinks they are fun to shake around and they can clip onto the sling which is handy. 50p

I would guess 12-18 months but there’s no label so I don’t know! £1

I think it was £1.50 but can’t really see the label properly to check. It is Zara Kidz aged 2-3 years but is ridiculously smaller than a Next 2-3 year jumpsuit I bought elsewhere so who knows?!

Now these cheap bits aren’t the Treat Yo’self I was referring to (obviously). I went to Filmore and Union. My excuse is that I didn’t have time to go home before Caterpillar Club and needed a highchair for the baby to eat lunch. That’s a crap excuse, I just wanted a bacon sandwich. Then I went and got myself an apricot pastry as featured on my Instagram. EVERY DAY IS A SUNDAY (or whichever day you allow yourself to stuff your face).

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