26th May: A PROPER good Sunday

My sister was there to mind the baby so I got the luxury of a solo bathroom time to shower. Then my Dad came over and we all wandered over to Berts Barrow for coffee and cake in the barn / shed. My sister did the babywearing which gave my poor tired body a break, the naughty lambs woke the baby up but hey ho that’s life when you’ve got lambs milling around.

*Jemma I would have put the picture of you two in but you never sent me it so 🤷🏼‍♀️*

Then we headed back home and had toasted cheese and sweet chilli jam sandwiches. (I use mayonnaise on the outside and fry them until all melty).

We got packed up for a walk at Fairburn Ings which I tried recently but got rained off. It was much nicer in the sunshine. We went from the village up to the visitor centre where Emily was given a fabulous dinosaur from my Dad and sister:

Here are some other photos but first please note the baby waterproof trick demonstrated by my little lovely (coat arms around baby carrier straps so that everything stays dry and the hood can be used like a hat) :

Cosy AF

And here are the rest of the photos:

Before bed we had a big vegetarian smorgasbord of a dinner with a wee nip of wine and it was lovely.

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