23rd May: A disappointment of a cream tea

Thursdays are for Gingerbread meet ups in York but I like to make use of being there so have a little trip somewhere and either buy loads of charity stuff or take a million photos.

Someone suggested I have a look around Acomb as there are a few charity shops, someone else suggested I take a knife as it is so shit.

We trekked off with the pushchair and no knife (I look tough AF, I don’t need a knife. No one is starting on me). Now I’m starting to get panicked about my two month back to work deadline and how she will nap without me there so I got her in the pushchair so she can get used to sleeping in it. So this was a success but it did require ten minutes of running to acheive this which was bloody tiring and I suspect only something a mother is willing to bother with. I also got a bit sweaty and gross. However, once she was asleep I passed another mum with a baby sleeping in a pushchair and I got to do a little ‘we got sleeping babies in pushchairs’ smile at each other. Living the dream.

It was totally not knife stabbing territory. I mean there was no fancy deli or artisan coffee shop, it was a bit like Selby. But the absence of a good espresso doesn’t make me fear for my safety. I think when people know someone is from out of the area they feel the need to warn about places being shit when they really aren’t so bad. Sillies.

Here is my charity shop haul. We had a very nice day, one of the ladies held Emily while I got changed. Lovely woman. I even bought a large dragon and there were many lolz between the staff as they knew it would ‘fly off the shelves’. Also lots of lady love and compliments to women trying things on. Get yourself to Cats Protection Acomb.

I found a cheap ‘ex retail’ type store and hot Emily two pairs of ‘turtely tired’ turtle pyjamas for £6

I also went to Thomas the Baker for lunch which was a right palava trying to find space for pushchair and highchair. I had a sandwich and cream tea but the cream tea came with squirty cream 😕 and a choice of blackcurrant or apricot jam. I KNOW it wasn’t The Ritz so I should be less twatty but I do feel that either strawberry or raspberry jam is needed. I can handle whipped cream instead of clotted at an absolute push but it needs to be whipped up into a frenzy before I want it on my scone. Ain’t nobody got time for watery cream on a scone.

Now I got so flipping hot and gross running there that I had to take my vest top off. I normally do one up one down but without a vest it was just one up tummy out. But whatever it was hot (and I had a baby carrier on) so I just walked back with a tummy out and a baby on the boob whilst pushing the pushchair with a hunk of watermelon where the baby should be.

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