26th May: A PROPER good Sunday

My sister was there to mind the baby so I got the luxury of a solo bathroom time to shower. Then my Dad came over and we all wandered over to Berts Barrow for coffee and cake in the barn / shed. My sister did the babywearing which gave my poor tired body a break, … Continue reading 26th May: A PROPER good Sunday

24th May: Piglets and Pals

It was a lovely day, sunny, hanging with single mama friends. Lots of gorgeous little ones having loads of fun together. Baby animals. Emily had her first sand experience (taste). I got an ice cream and dipped it in my coffee (try it). Just all round good stuff. Photo essay below:

23rd May: A disappointment of a cream tea

Thursdays are for Gingerbread meet ups in York but I like to make use of being there so have a little trip somewhere and either buy loads of charity stuff or take a million photos. Someone suggested I have a look around Acomb as there are a few charity shops, someone else suggested I take … Continue reading 23rd May: A disappointment of a cream tea