22nd May: Counselling and Pizza

This is a really boring one, feel free to ignore. I just feel like I need to do an entry for every day as I told myself I would…which is stupid. But anyhoo:

It was my last counselling session, after ten sessions I feel like I should have some profound learnings to report back on love and loss. Actually I’m just really tired. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over a year (thanks pregnancy insomnia) and my brain is a shell of a thing. However I do feel much more sane at the moment so I think my ten hours with Rita were well spent.

It has however made me feel quite sceptical about men and relationships…which I don’t think is the whole point but hey ho I’m single anyway so I might as well feel like it’s the best position to be in. Other than the fact I would like a person to help out with childcare and have sex with me. Maybe I just hire a sexy children’s entertainer who will go home late on and not require me to cater to his dietary requirements / arrange his dry cleaning / remember his mother’s birthday / any other relationship bullshit.

My Dad looks after Emily when I’m at counselling so we got Pizza Hut buffet on the way home. I managed ten slices which sounds impressive but they were small as I wanted variety without getting full. I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the various flavours of Coca Cola.

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