20th May: Lidl is the bomb

You would think it would be easy to write a daily diary entry when you are on maternity leave. Turns out I’m a bit shit at accomplishing small tasks.

Monday we went to Austhorpe Photography to lend out the baby to see how one of these floral type shoots would look on a bigger baby.

We were due to be there for 11am so we left off at 10am for the 20 minute journey as that’s the kind of ridiculous thing I have to do for my nap refuser to get a decent sleep. Normally my rascal is asleep pretty quickly but it took half an hour of driving before her eyes started to drift off. This meant I had to wake her for the shoot at 11. This did not go down well, she turned into a clingy little monkey who started screaming when out of my arms. In the end I had to sit her on the baby platform and dangle my boob over her at the same time then quickly dash out of shot for some intense photographing in the two minutes until she realised she wanted milk again.

But we did it. With the help of a toddler in the background assisting me with the baby entertainment.

After this we went to Lidl. I flipping love Lidl. They have a bakery section with super cheap pastries. I went for a goats cheese flatbread 70p… I think. A chocolate spread donut and a pastel de nata. Flipping LOVE a pastel de nata (but unsure if I can spell it).

(above photo stolen from WordPress free images, mine wasn’t that fancy. I just stuffed it in my face in the car…no time for photos)

I was hoping for a super long nap after the drive home. I bought a Costa vending machine coffee in anticipation of this. NOPE said Emily and after much driving about she refused any more napping for the day so I gave in, stuffed my face with pastry and coffee before she got pissed off waiting then went into the breastfeeding cafe.

There were some weird shenanigans at the toilets there. It is adjoined to the library and there was a long long wait for the single disabled toilet. Normally I take this as a warning sign to come back much much later or not at all but I REALLY NEEDED A WEE. After a good long while two people came out, neither looked like they needed any assistance in the toilet. They both had volunteer badges. Now this could be innocent toilet upkeep but I take it to mean that volunteering at Sherburn library can be far more fun / sordid than you expect.

We obviously don’t need help with breastfeeding as Emily is a total champ in that department. But the council basically run it as a free baby group with toys and volunteers to amuse the little ones and tea and biscuits which is excellent. I do feel bad that it isn’t aimed at formula mamas as well though as it’s a nice group to drop into last minute.

Maybe something else happened that Monday. I can’t remember as I’m over a week behind. Oops.

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