Acomb shopping trip (and a bit of Garforth and Sherburn)

Bit of a strange background for these photos. Baby is asleep on the sling so in an attempt to get the most out of the nap I’m sitting on a massive swing and photographing my charity shop bits. I look a bit weird hanging out on my own photographing a giant snake and there is someone else in the park to witness it.

The above photo is amazing yes?! It was £3.50 and I think I’ll loop it around the circus tent top that I got from my IKEA trip.

£2 bag, not my usual thing but I thought it would work well with:

£4 Jones the Bootmaker shoes. Don’t look to have been worn much so a definite bargain.

£3.50 blouse from HnM, photo taken from the back as I like the bow

£6.50 Earth something jacket, nice and light so I thought it would be handy for spring / autumn

50p worm in a top hat, she has an almost identical one but for 50p I thought it would be good to occupy those little hands while we were out

That’s all the Acomb buys but here are a couple of bits from the big charity shop near Lidl in Garforth:

Walker for £3.50 needed a decent wash first though

She does already have a mini abacus but it is at my mums house and for £1 it thought why not?!

This dress was from the charity shop in Sherburn by the pharmacist. It was only £1.50 and age 2 from Nutmeg at Morrisons

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