17th May: IKEA YA YA YA

Do you enjoy how Europeans say Eee-kay-ah? I do.

“the wonderful everyday”

I know it’s British to say Marmite is the ultimate love it or hate it thing but I’m fairly moderate in my like of the spread. IKEA on the other hand is a true divider of people.

We furnished our first home pretty much in IKEA. My husband HATED the shopping trip. I should have seen the signs and ended it then.

Emily on the other hand is a fan, we are destined for happiness together in a family of two.

Emily has never had her own room so I went with the vague idea of getting some things for it. I’m hoping that if I get a single or small double mattress and leave it on the floor and fill the room with soft rugs and cushions and a baby gate it will be relatively safe. That way I can leave her snoozing and take a shower eventually. I know the obvious solution is a cot but she isn’t into that, she wants to fall asleep on the boob and not be moved and I’m a little big to fit in a cot with her. Luckily the room is next to the shower so with the baby gate I can see her while I’m washing.

Soo…I bought this thinking I could keep it on it’s side and make a long foam cushion thing to stick onto the top in case she climbs on it when she is bigger. I’ll keep a few safe toys in there like basic wooden blocks, ragdolls and teddies. Nothing that is too stimulating.

Kallax £35

I bought a couple of these to hang up high with her clothes on as I don’t really want any furniture on the floor other than really low things like the unit above and the mattress


And then a couple of these long picture ledges to display some of her books. I’m undecided whether to put them low for her to help herself (which could be lots of taking them down and me putting them back) or put them high and just lift her to pick what she wants.


Then I bought the circus tent featured at the top on an impulse because it was only £15 and can go in the garden.

I hadn’t really thought of a colour scheme but the room is blue anyway so I got this:


Then when I got to the cushions I was all in a pickle over colours. I went back and forth a bit then on the basis that I had the red tent and blue rug I thought I might as well go colourful so bought these

The plain covers were £1.75 and striped was £4.50. I couldn’t decide between cheap cushions at £2 and feathers at £5 so I got two of each.

Of course I got a whole selection of bits costing less than £10 each like a new alarm clock, ice lolly trays, lamp shade etc but I can’t remember all of it.

Obviously I remember the food though!! I walked three miles in total so needed all the food:

Restaurant: 10 meatballs, chips, peas, gravy, lingonberry jam. Sparkling apple, coffee, blueberry muffin

Cafe at the end: large hotdog with onions gherkins and all the sauce, 10 meatballs of which I only managed 6, 360 coated chocolate donut

Drive home: way too many Bilbar sweets

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