15th May: what a wonderful Wetherby morning

So I find it quite annoying when the baby falls asleep on me at home. I’m only doing so many posts as I am stuck under the sleeping baby and my nipple is held hostage. When I was straight out of the shower she demanded a feed so I’m sat naked on the arm chair with an almost naked sleeping baby on me and we are both wrapped up in a blanket. It is very cosy and skin to skin bonding etc but I’m really uncomfortable and kind of wish she was in the car seat sleeping so I could wriggle and drink coffee. (just to confirm I am sat on a towel, this is a common nudist practice…you must always have a towel to hand. I know this from a documentary on a nudist resort I watched years ago and not real life).

BUT back to Wednesday: I left early so she could sleep on the car seat and then we could potter around Wetherby. I love Wetherby, there is free parking by the river or near Morrisons if two hours is enough. Here are some photos just because it was pretty:

We had a picnic by the band stand, the river is just behind and there is normally an ice cream by just to the left of the photo. We shall be coming here when she is older to feed the ducks.

Other than that we had a charity shop trip, click here to see more. Before leaving I picked up this absolute beauty from the bakery near Natwest

Oh lordy it was as good as it looked. I had it with my flask of coffee in the car outside baby group while baby slept. Life is good. Look. How pretty the churchyard is:

Then we went to baby group and Emily saw a baby she hadn’t seen in a few months. She took the opportunity to lunge at his face, I don’t know why, he didn’t like it. I’m slightly dreading those early toddler months where they can run around but not listen to persuasion / negotiations.

Other than a brief bullying moment we had a good day.

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