Bishopthorpe Road Charity Shop Trip

I’m branching out now. I’m not just sticking to the city centre, I crossed the river. Such dedication.

I think this very creepy baby is a good place to start. Look at that horrible tummy button and three fingered hands. Hideous. £1

An excellent selection of dinosaurs but I think I’ll regret the purchase when I feel obliged to figure out what type of dinosaurs they are. Should have sticked with farm animals. £1.50

Stacking boxes 50p

Minnie Mouse for ages 12m-18m. Not 100% my thing but good for nursery. £1

Found in the everything 25p box. I love those boxes

This is a Next one for £2.50. Not actually Bishy Road but City Centre as I was going to my favourite scone selling place nearby.

£4.75, originally Zara

£2.99 Papaya

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