So so slow

So I am definitely behind on posting blogs. Now I’m not assuming that everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats for riveting information such as what cake I ate and which charity shops I visited that day…however it has been mentioned that I’m behind so thought I would excuse my tardiness.

1. I ran out of data and then stayed overnight where I was too lazy to log in to WiFi. And then I was behind and getting behind on something is not good for a procrastinator…you realise you are late and should probably do something then the delaying devil is like ohhh I see you’re late. Now you’re late you must make what you are doing really good to excuse your lateness. Therefore the task requires concentration…so you’d better not do it now. Do it when you can concentrate. Do it later. Which is basically what happens every time someone sends me a long WhatsApp which requires some thinking to respond to. I do like you really but the delaying devil has me in it’s grip. Sorry.

2. I’ve seen more of the almost ex husband lately which means that I think people will think I’m a fool. Also I was a bit emotional one day (totally fine now) and don’t want people to think I’ve lost the plot (again…hahaha) as I’m fine and dandy right now (Tuesday…cant guarantee the rest of the week)

So anyway I’ve already done two posts so will publish away and get my arse onto the others. Not because you’ll be devastated if I miss a day or anything but I told myself to do a diary every day so I’ll damn well flipping do it!!…at some point

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