11th May: I blame Frank

So, funny thing. It turns out that when your husband has dumped you it’s not the best idea to stay at your parents in law’s house and sleep in the bedroom that you first had sex with your husband in. But this time alone, crying. Who would have thought it?!

It is my almost ex husband’s birthday coming up and he wanted to go out for a family meal so he asked me to look after our dog overnight.

Rewind a year and I am diligently (and very effectively) training said dog to sleep outside of our bedroom. I’m moving his dogbed a little closer to the hallway each night. I’m telling him off when he gets on our bed. Once he is in the hallway I’m closing the door a little more every night until he has accepted his fate. I’m fairly pregnant and don’t want the dog in the room when we have a newborn baby. My husband is claiming this is animal cruelty and I should not be doing it. I am ignoring him and doing it anyway because one of us must be a responsible parent.

Fast forward one shitty shitty very very shitty year and my husband has moved out with the dog. Of course the dog is his bedtime roommate. Generally speaking this isn’t my problem… until the dog needs looking after. I still have the baby in my bed and don’t feel safe sleeping with Frank in the same room. But if he is locked in the hallway now he will loudly proclaim (all night long) ‘excuse me mother I must now have a human in my bedroom to sleep happily, do let me in’. Which wakes the baby, the cats, the neighbours etc. It’s no fun for anyone.

Frank used to be happy being alone in a new house while we went out for dinner. We’ve done this at holiday cottages and all was OK. But he is a sensitive soul and has taken the divorce almost as badly as his mama. The last time he was left alone at my in laws he chewed the metalwork on their door till his mouth bled. So now I’m at my in laws dog sitting while they all go out for dinner.

There are photos of me on my wedding day on the walls and sideboards. I am sleeping in a bedroom that I have had quiet sex in many times, many moons ago. It is very weird. I do not like it.

Almost ex husband came in to say goodnight to the sleeping baby after dinner. I cried a lot. He didn’t know what to do. We had a hug. I cried a lot more. Divorce fucking sucks, so does staying at your in laws. It’s not really Frank’s fault. The end.

(post blog edit, feeling OK now 👍)

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