10th May: So so lazy

My grand plans for the day involved going to Sainsburys to swap a baby toy for something the baby didn’t already own. I didn’t achieve that aim. I stayed in my pyjamas all day (fresh pyjamas, after a shower – I’m not a total animal). I didn’t even take the cover photo, that is a recycled oldie.

I can’t actually remember the last time I stayed at home all day – not since I started this blog in March anyway.

I even had a phone break. Shocker. Emily wanted to feed herself to sleep so we got cuddled up in the armchair and she had a nice long snooze. I didn’t have anything to amuse myself with so I just closed my eyes and totally chilled out. I don’t often do nothing, I can’t say I do a lot but I’m really good at scrolling mindlessly on social media.

So yeah, I really recommend getting in an armchair with a sleeping baby and a blanket and chilling out. However I do apologise for the oxymoron ‘sleeping baby’.

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