A Haxby Haul

So I’m in mixed minds about all this charity shopping. Part of me thinks that stocking up on cheap clothes before I need them saves me lots of money as if I wait until I NEED something I’ll probably not find it and have to pay more on the high street. But even if it’s cheap if I can get by without it then maybe I should.

So after today I think I need to completely avoid clothes for me and toys for Emily and just go for toddler clothes which she will obviously need at some point.

But for now…

I get so tempted by things when I know it would have been expensive when new. This is a Hobbs jumper at just £5.

This Primark waterproof was probably cheap to start with…but I bet it wasn’t £2!!! (which is what I paid 👍)

I spent a fair bit of time mulling over whether to buy this bag. It was £15 and I’m fairly sure it’s leather…but £15 seems a bit frivolous. I held it for ages in the shop and then walked around the village and came back. At the till multiple people oohed and ahhed over the bag which made me feel validated in my decision making.

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