Garforth Charity Shop Haul

We ventured out in the miserable weather to go to Garforth. I don’t find loads of things for me in Garforth but I’ve had good luck with clothes for Emily. Today’s lot came to £17.25

This is the priciest of today’s finds at £4, however it is Ralph Lauren and we are going to my cousins wedding in July when she will be 11 months old so will hopefully fit this 12 month age dress and bloomers:

This age 12m raincoat is very cute, it was originally from Tu and Sainsburys and was just £1.99. I’m not sure how much she will actually wear it seen as though she likes to be in the sling a lot…however if the arms are wide enough we could always use this trick.

This was a bargain at £1.25, it is a Next dress and as its 9-12 months she can hopefully use it this summer:

This was £2.99 and it’s Mamas and Papas. It is 12-18 months so will hopefully fit around autumn – winter.

Another Tu one and 12-18 months, just £1.50:

This is 18-24 months so I’ll probably be saving it for next year. It was Zara baby and still has the tags on (was £4.95) I paid £1.99

This one is aged 3-4 and its Primark so I wouldn’t normally bother, but I liked it and it was good condition and only £1.49 so I’ll put it away:

I wasn’t particularly looking for me but at £1.99 I thought I might as well:

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