8th May: Wet Wednesday

This Wednesday has primarily been spent sat in a car in the rain while the baby sleeps. It’s absolutely pouring down but Emily was getting tired and grouchy mid morning and I didn’t know how to get her to sleep without massive effort bouncing around the house with the sling so we went to Garforth.

I spent a while in Garforth car park catching up on overdue WhatsApp messages until she woke up then after a potter around the charity shops we drove to South Milford for Caterpillar Club where I had half an hour parked up for nap time. Quite nice. I had been prepared and brought a sandwich, chocolate and flask of coffee with me. I’ve just downloaded Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty to read during car naps. She did Big Little Lies which was also made into an HBO series (still on NowTV), both the book and series are brilliant if you are bored. I also read The Husbands Secret where (spoiler alert) the husband left his wife and child’s mother for her best friend / cousin. A section resonated with me where the protagonist’s mother divorced her father when she was young. She discusses how they should have let their egos go and tried harder to be flexible:

‘Sometimes I look back, and think, goodness me, we took our feelings so seriously. Everything was black and white. We got into our positions and that was that. We wouldn’t budge. Whatever happens, don’t get all rigid, Tess. Be prepared to be a bit … bendy.’

I know you shouldn’t take life advice from novels but I find this hard to forget. Maybe we aren’t bendy enough? But then there is no point in one person doing all the…bending.

I think I’d like to take a holiday from my own thoughts now before I go crazy.

After caterpillar club I went to Aldi (exciting news for mothers of wriggly infants – they do cheap pull ups in size 4. No need for Pampers). Where I also got this musical set. I’d been pondering over it when it was £7.99 but now it has dropped to £5.99 I thought I’d go wild and buy it. I also got some more pink cream cleanser which was recommended by my online friends and is really good. And then she fell asleep again. I am once again sat in the car in the rain. Maternity leave is so exciting. I really need a wee as well.

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