A particularly good baby charity shop haul (Selby and Howden)

I won’t feel too bad about getting nothing for the baby yesterday as we went crazy on baby stuff today. Everything is pictured below and came to just £19 in total. I’m feeling rather proud.

The little pirates above were only £1, they are supposed to be skittles but I thought when she has little dolls houses / shops etc they will be fun to play with.

The toys above came to £7.50 in total:

  • Duplo rip off £2.50
  • Vehicles 50p each
  • Retro phone £1 (two of these left at RSPCA Selby in standard colours)
  • Pluto 50p
  • Strange ball filter thing £1.50

The clothes below came to less than £10:

Dresses above £1.50 each (Frugli and Sainsburys)

Stripey dress £3 unworn from Baby GAP

All the above were 50p each

Top £1.25 from HnM


This Warehouse jumper was a steal at £1 (for me…obvs)

I ❤️ Selby (only a couple of bits were Howden)

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