3rd May: Bloody LOADS of photos

Another day in York so obviously I made sure to have my phone with me. I’ve been feeling a bit down this week and was due to meet a friend, when she messaged me mirroring a few things I was thinking I thought sod it…let’s use my afternoon tea vouchers and have a treat. Carpe Diem and all that.

My mother in law gave me vouchers for the Lady Betty Champagne Afternoon Tea for Bettys so we went up in the Belmont Room (so no queueing in the rain with a baby and toddler). As well as the afternoon tea they brought over appetisers, savouries and a Kir Royal each. I had two types of tea, I really can’t remember which but each had some kind of flower mentioned. They were good. They offered to bring over seconds of sandwiches (which we had) and brought additional snacks for Emily’s little friend. They also gave him some crayons and a very cute Bettys colouring booklet which I regret not sneaking out after he showed no interest.

Here is Emily’s cow hanging with the cake:

They also had a pianist, I really love piano music but my hands don’t work like that unfortunately.

Considering we had a baby and toddler with us our table was far far quieter than it could have been so I feel like we weren’t too much of a distraction. Emily was uncharacteristically quiet, I just had to keep passing her cucumber. Now I’m going to have huge stocks of cucumber to hand every time we leave the house. Her little friend just needed Peppa Pig on YouTube. I’m such a parenting expert nowadays, I know ALL the tricks.

Once we had finished we walked with our friends to their end of the city centre as I’m now a clingy person who craves as much adult conversation as she can get. God help my colleagues when I go back to work. Unusually for me I didn’t get a photo of Clifford’s Tower but I did get the museums:

Then we wandered over to the charity shop area via the shambles, I bought a few bits then we joined the York City Walls at the Richard the 3rd experience (which I didn’t go in as it’s £5 and I’m cheap). Here is a collection of photos from our walk for any wall walk enthusiasts:

On our way around I got a picture of some gardens which form part of my second favourite option for a weekend home when I’m wealthy:

What fabulous gardens! I have excellent taste in dream homes. I think that photo above has a statue that looks like a slightly more serene version of the Fearless Girl on Wall Street crossed with Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I think it’s pretty good. I shall include it in the purchase.

As you can see it was fairly miserable weather, but the walls paths are pretty narrow so it’s nice when it’s quiet. You see how busy it gets when it’s sunny and it looks zero fun. We came off the walls at Bootham Bar which feels spooky and very portcullissy. I liked it.

We came off at the art gallery, I popped into the gift shop but at £8 entry cost I thought no thank you and carried on my cheapskate way…but paused for photos first:

York is so beautiful, literally photographable views in every direction. I couldn’t not get a picture of the minster on my way past even though I have a million shots of it already:

Then we mooched back to the train station.

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