2nd May: No bloody photos

My phone cable conspired against me yesterday and wasn’t plugged in properly overnight. When I set off in the morning I had less than 10% battery 😱

Luckily I was on time and found my friends at the train station as planned so didn’t really need it. And it meant I didn’t have the opportunity to be the annoying person constantly taking photos.

It was my first time getting the train from Sherburn-in-Elmet to York and its actually super cheap at £5.10 return. I normally drive in and park outside of the restricted zone but the walk in takes half an hour and I’m sure the diesel costs more than the train anyway. Exciting travel economics aside I had a nice time with my Daisy group friends.

We had a wander around, took over the entire JoJo Maman Bebe changing room with crawlers, nappy changes and breastfeeding. Then we had cake and coffee and covered the floor of the coffee shop with baby led weaning cast offs. I bet they loved it when we walked in with three pushchairs and four babies, loaded with snacks. Other than food and a Doidy Cup I was unusually restrained and didn’t buy anything. Gold star to me. I did buy a lot of food though:

  • Espresso and chocolate cheesecake (very big)
  • Flat white (double decaf)
  • Lemonade (very fancy with rose petals)
  • Beef brisket hoagie
  • More lemonade (not fancy)
  • Ice cream…both cherry and chocolate

I won’t list all of Emily’s food but I will say that just before I took her clothes off for bath time I found a rather old bit of babybel. It had been many hours since I fed her babybel…she must have been storing it between her vest and jumper for safe keeping to fish out later. Pretty gross.

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