29th April: Sunshine Surprise

Sounds like a shit cocktail, it wasn’t. We just dressed for the cold and then got way too hot. Stupid England.

It was actually a good day. I got major baby brain and texted my cousin, lunch at twelve?… It was meant to be lunch the next day. Annoyingly I then had to rearrange some other plans but it did mean I got an unexpected free schedule.

We had a mega lie in, stayed in our pyjamas till late and had a long breakfast of omelette and cream cheese toast (plus loads of chocolate and coffee for me).

By lunchtime we got itchy feet and went out yo Knaresborough for a bit, it was very pretty.

We went to a few charity shops and I got a few things for me (but none for Emily). I planned to be good and just get something cheap so I avoided Cafe Nero in favour of a cheap sandwich from the bakers and we ate in the square. Emily had cucumbers and babybel and took much joy in throwing them at pigeons. The pigeons expected bread every time and were repeatedly confused at the cheesiness.

Then we wandered over to the castle and the sun came out! It was nice and quiet so the scarf became a picnic blanket and I was rather smug about having a flask of coffee and biscuits all ready in my bag. Emily was relatively happy to just play with my toys so I had a break from parenting! (my version of a break involves having two hands to play with my phone and drink coffee without having to play / sing / carry / feed at the same time, I obviously didn’t get a genuine break)

A perk of being there alone is that I could hang out as long as I wanted and take as many photos as I liked (which people generally find pretty annoying). Here is the castle, we didn’t pay to go in but it’s in ruins with not a lot to walk around anyway:

The area around the castle is lovely with a little museum, bowling green, war memorial and views across the town and river:

After that we took the steps down to the river. I had a 10kg (ish… I’m a bad mum and haven’t weighed in ages) baby on my chest, ridiculously heavy nappy bag on my back, plus my charity finds in my hand. I always get a little nervous on steps with the baby plus lots of bags. Obviously not too nervous for selfies though :

By this point Emily was throwing all the ‘FFS another selfie’ faces so I gave in and just photographed the view which was flipping glorious:

And then from the bottom:

Just to the side of the path is a little cafe with the BEST view in Yorkshire. I haven’t been in years when I had a pretty average fruit cake and cheese…but you don’t go for the food you go for the ‘gram.

Then we took the stairs up near the bridge. I remember taking this exact photo three years ago when I was on a buy 80 cake plates and 100 vases from various charity shops for the wedding mission. I was fitter and more optimistic then. Fuck my life. It’s not even a good photo. I was a bit out of breath at the top.

Then I realised it was after 4pm and I really didn’t fancy the A1 at rush hour so off we went home. The end.

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