27th & 28th April

So I am a bit late with this weekend’s diary entries. I’ve been having a hard time lately (not even ex husband related) and just couldn’t be bothered, I won’t elaborate as I don’t owe WordPress every detail of my life. Sometimes you just want to binge watch TV and not use your brain (my current addiction is The Affair on Sky Atlantic…but obviously I paused it for Game of Thrones).

Anyway this entry seems a bit like those people on Facebook who post something they think is really cryptic to get all the ‘u OK hun?’ ‘can’t talk about it will DM you’ messages going. So….sorry to be a cliche.

I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow. I have a lunch planned where I am having a catch up with a cousin I haven’t seen in YEARS which should be nice. Also I’ll be at the donut end of Leeds so I hope to finally fulfill my true ambition of my maternity leave which is to stuff my face with Temple Coffee and Donuts (if I can find the place that is).

I think that the Game of Thrones episode has got me all emotional. Damn it you guyyysss. I did enjoy it but also WOULD LOVE to watch it with George RR Martin as I reckon it isn’t exactly how he would have done it. Anyhoo I hope you enjoyed the image of a tiny pot of coffee / chocolatey syrupy stuff The Ivy in York gave me to pour all over my cappuccino cake and cream mousse after my lunch on Saturday. I had it with a double decaf espresso. Yeeaaaaah.

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