24th April: Haworth with my Honeybear

Today I’m trying to focus on all the advantages of being single and make the most out of my maternity leave. The daily diaries are really driving home how I don’t have much time left and when I’m back at work (and Emily is probably walking around) I probably won’t bother with museum days out.I’ve been wanting to go to the Bronte Parsonage for years but knowing it would take a lot of persuasion to get my husband there with me I never bothered. I thought it would be a bit sad to go alone without anyone to talk to but actually it was really nice.We set off when I was ready after a chilled morning, I could drive a bit fast or a bit slow if I wanted. I got lost a couple of times and my phone signal died but no one got annoyed about it! I had a nice leisurely time at the museum, I could take as many photos as I wanted and potter around the town after. All good. And with a little one strapped to your chest you can chatter and sing away and no one thinks you are mad (or at least less mad than if you didn’t have a little one).So here are some Parsonage pictures, I loved how the immediate area looks very much like it would have done when the sisters lived there with the moors right on the doorstep (just like in To Walk Invisible which you Must SEE if you haven’t already). The museum own a field behind the Parsonage if you wanted a picnic and there are benches and bins which is handy.The house was quite simple (as you’d expect) and they had Charlotte’s honeymoon dress which was really big considering her 4’9 frame but you could still see the folds where it had been let down after it was gifted to a maid. We also saw the room where the sisters paced around the table reading and planning. They had both Bramwells original room and the set from the BBC adaptation.Here are some interesting Bronte facts which you already know if you read my instagram:Patrick Bronte was born Brundy but thought it sounded a bit shit so went for Bronte instead. Sensible. Charlotte Bronte was given part of Napoleon’s coffin by a professor when she worked in Brussels which the museum has. My guess is that it’s just a bit of wood and not in fact Napoleon’s coffin.Alongside the bit of supposed coffin there were lots of letters and original drafts of the books which I couldn’t read as their writing was tiny tiny. There was a collection of pebbles that Anne collected from the beach. Imagine being so famous that you collect a few pebbles and they get kept in a museum for centuries.After the museum I had a wander and took some photos of the curiosities shop opposite the church as it was quite fun (but lethal with a graspy baby). The bath salts smelt AMAZING but I refrained from buying as I don’t often get a chance for a bath. I did go a bit crazy and buy some mugs. I know that no one ever needs new mugs but I did enjoy the size which will fit under the espresso machine and is a perfect cortado type size. I stopped for lunch at The Hawthorn and had an extremely tasty rarebit with plum chutney which was a bloody nightmare to eat as Emily just wanted to get everything from the table and jump off my knee onto the cobbled floor.We were sat outside for lunch and Emily was after everyone’s attention on the busiest street in Haworth. I don’t know how two introverts could create such an attention seeking child, I’m really not into small talk enough to be her mother. An American lady flipped out when she found out her name is Emily (mega Bronte fan there) and on her way past the second time she told me she was a strong willed girl who would never be told what to do. Apparently she’s a profiler so that’s what she does for a living and she could see it in Emily straight away. Me too lady, raising this child is going to be hard work but I’m glad she knows her mind, nobody is going to fuck with Emily. I can imagine her being an activist shouting at MPs outside the Houses of Parliament.Anyways after lunch we wandered over to the train station purely for the photo opportunities but unfortunately there was no steam train in and we had to rush back for the parking. Bugger me though walking up a hill with a baby strapped to your chest and a bag on your back is hard.On our way back to the car we stopped by the church. Sadly it was rebuilt after the Bronte sisters died so it isn’t the same church they walked in but the plaque and some original furniture remained. Also the organist was taking requests which was lovely. He asked me if I had a request and my zero knowledge of Christian songs became clear.Despite lack of hymn awareness someone was doing me a favour as the sun stayed out long enough for me to get my flask of coffee from the car and have a potter around to drink it (like a total granny). As soon as we were on our way the heavens opened which was actually quite cosy driving with Jazz FM on. We had a quick detour to South Milford for coffee and ended up with this chocolate haul:You will also note the very pretty flowers. These were a total surprise from my (almost ex) husband for looking after the dog. Very unexpected and I didn’t even think he needed to thank me for keeping the dog a couple of weeks after he moved out. He knows I had a bit of a cry on Friday night about everything so I wonder if he is feeling guilty or just wanted to cheer me up. Either way I like flowers so it was nice. I’m taking this as a sign that we can be friends and successfully coparent so that everything will be super nice and easy for Emily.

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