22nd April: Easter is over, Hot Cross Buns are done. Ate loads of scones

So we spent Bank Holiday Monday visiting Lavenham which is basically a pretty medieval village with too many tea rooms and pubs. Surprisingly for how pretty it is I didn’t actually go mad on photos for Instagram. I did however get pictures of Harry Potter’s birthplace from the movies (above and below)

We didn’t really do much other than find HP’s home, eat a cheese scone at a national trust tea room and stroke some overpriced (£130 a piece say whaaaaat?!) but cosy looking jumpers. I did almost buy a very small mug at tourist info but the flip of a coin told me it was not to be, so alas the mug and I parted ways. By the way if you have problems with indecision then I wholly recommend leaving all small decisions to the flip of a coin, it really has revolutionised my life.

After this we went to Ickworth House and it was bloody lovely. The house had lots of fancy art that my sister spent lots of time going ‘oh wow they even have a *name I don’t really know*’ while I wandered around going ‘hmm’ and sought out mirrors to show the baby her own reflection which she wasn’t even that arsed about. They did however have a huge servants quarters where everything was ‘hands on’ which is more my thing. Like a TV monster I just convert everything to Downton Abbey and found ‘Carson’s room’ etc then imagined I was Daisy.

When we got outside I realised I had been a total knob and left the bed guards (Emily sleeps in my bed with me, rod for my own back…yada yada yada) so my very kind sister drove back to get it. It was not a short journey. I passed the time with another cheese scone.

So in summary:

Hot cross bun count: 1

Cheese scone count: 2

Stupid woman with ongoing baby brain count: 1

Very helpful and educated sister count: 1

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