20th April: Batman in Bury

Bury is Bury St Edmunds, we did not take a mini break to Bury, Lancashire.

Ahh mini breaks, I feel like my life has been lacking in mini breaks lately. However this weekend has been WONDERFUL.

My sister (who apparently Emily calls ‘Auntie Jem Jems’ despite the fact I’m fairly sure the most Emily manages is caveman style grunts and screeches) booked an Airbnb in Suffolk for us.

The bebe and I arrived at lunch time and I had a minor meltdown at getting her out into the midday heat and the resulting sun cream / breastfeeding / nappy / parking payment drama which all seemed equally urgent. Luckily Jemma (who I can’t repeatedly call Auntie Jem Jems even if she wants me to) arrived to assist and generally tell me off for getting in a flap.We had a potter up the high street, got sandwiches and then picked up a tea and a very tasty iced mocha from Cafe Nero (which was free as I had fiiiinally got my full card stamped) and wandered over to the Abbey Gardens. It was flipping gorgeous there (photo evidence below) and I had an apricot croissant which was also flipping gorgeous but too tempting to delay for further photos.

Then we had a wander around the Cathedral to cool down, which was nice – but no York Minster. As you can see the Cathedral inexplicably had a lego model version of itself which included Batman, Robin, Spiderman and the cast of Toy Story. Why not I suppose.

Then onto a mooch up the High Street. As I’m a charity shop addict / poor person I only bothered with Cancer Research UK and BHF and ignored the cute independent shops. My bargains of the day included a massive box of wooden blocks and shapes for Β£8, a Β£2 dinosaur (who made it to the beach the next day – see below) and a pair of shoes. I’m still not too sure about the shoes, they are a men size 7 and I’m a size 6 – but they were by the till and a very tempting oxblood shiny brogue so I couldn’t resist. I should stop being lazy and include a photo but they are in the car and realistically will probably stay there a good few days before I can be arsed emptying it.

Then we headed back to the Airbnb in Wethenden which was cosy with a nice garden with some decking for a paddling pool. It was a bloody faff to fill the paddling pool but Emily loved it. After a dinner (which I didn’t make πŸ™‚) and a white wine spritzer I was feeling pretty chill and happy with my life so I had a bath and finally had an opportunity to use the Rituals bath bomb and eye masks I got from my care package:

All in all a pretty good day. And the night that followed only involved about a thousand milk feeds so can’t complain.

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