19th April: I’m a beauty blogging lifestyle influencer type expert

I wish I had a special Good Friday blog of Easter excitement. No. The closest I got was eating four hot cross buns but I’m ashamed to say that is becoming the norm. I just did some housework and went to Aldi. You’re jealous now right?!

So as I had a super boring day and yesterday I had an Ordinary Company delivery I thought I would be a twat and assume you want my opinions on such things.

So I literally only know two things about beauty and skincare.

1. The Ordinary Company basically use other people’s clever stuff once it is out of copyright and sell amazing products for roughly £5 each. Apparently the concentrations of the good stuff is 👌they don’t waste money on advertising or packaging its all just going into really good products. LOVELY.

2. I only know that because Sali Hughes told me. I love Sali Hughes. She knows everything about beauty and skincare (and politics and dogs and feminism and basically anything worth knowing). I want to be her friend. She once had an Instagram comments chat with me about her rescue dog so I feel like we pretty much are friends now.

So if you zoom in on the image you can see what I bought, I chose these as I have oily spotty skin. I also have sebaceous filaments on my nose…if you think you have a million tiny blackheads on your nose they are not! They are sebaceous filaments, do not squeeze them but get some clever acid based stuff to clean them out and shrink them. I read about them on Refinery 29 and after years of fruitless spot squeezing my mind was blown.

I also got the caffeine one as it reduces puffiness under your eyes.

So all exciting stuff!! (for me, less so for you). I like the feel of the products but I must say the screw top and pipette style bottle is way more faff than a pump top would be…noting I’m normally man handling a wriggler at the same time.

So yeah…that’s all from me today. Because tomorrow I’m setting off early to spend a weekend with my sister and my baba at an Airbnb near the coast in Suffolk and it is gonna be a scorcher. Wahooooo.

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