18th April: Feeling a bit shit but *Game of Thrones*

Despite having a good day where we saw our single mum friends at the Gingerbread meet up and then had a lovely walk in the sun with a friend…I’m having a bad evening. Stuck in the ‘fuck you almost ex husband leaving me with a baby your life is so fucking easy because you walked away fuck you’ kind of mood.


Feels good to have a little swear, even if it’s in my head because I have a sleeping baby next to me.

Rather than continue getting angry I’m going to go off on a tangent about Game of Thrones because the last season started this week!! Here are my best bits and worst bits:


  • Danaerys and Jon. Whatever. I’m so over their relationship. Oh we flew on dragons together and had a kiss. I don’t care.
  • Sansa and Danaerys throwing shade at each other. “what do dragons even eat” “whatever they want”. Come on Danaerys they aren’t going to eat Sansa. Please just be friends guys there are white walkers coming.
  • Stark family reunions. Just not into it. A bit boring, a bit cheesy.


  • Cersei and Euron sex scene “you might be the most arrogant man I’ve ever met. I like it.” Jaime was too simple for her, she has met her (far less classy) evil match with Euron.
  • Lord Umber waking up as a white walker then getting set on fire. Fuckity fuck that was dramatic.
  • Sansa calling out Tyrion for being a bit of a dumbass trusting Cersei. NEVER TRUST CERSEI.

All in all I did enjoy the episode but after a two year wait I thought we would get something a bit better than that.

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