17th April: A wonderful Wednesday

We are feeling good today. In summary: Sainsburys 25% off, free magazine, cheap watch, hot cross buns, £20 voucher, and a flask. Sounds pretty boring but to me it was WONDERFUL.

25% off at Sainsburys Tu is very exciting for me. I am boring and like the plain white long sleeved tshirts and Emily needed some cardigans. Instead we came out with this:

All this for less than £33! I know it’s not charity shop level bargains but even so I’m happy with them:

  1. Three leggings £5.25
  2. Sleeved bib £2.60
  3. Sun hats £4.50
  4. Five vests £5.25
  5. Cardigan £5.25
  6. Easter vests (for Sunday) £5.25
  7. Bloomers (also for Sunday) £3.75

I didn’t forget myself:

  1. Jumper £10
  2. Top £5
  3. Leggings £7.50
  4. Baby bum, no charge
  5. White tops forgotten in all the excitement 🤦🏼‍♀️ & sold out online.

Then we had an hour to kill before Caterpillar Club so we went shopping because we love TK Maxx and we love Thorpe Park the Springs whatever it’s called. Picked this bad boy up which will keep my coffee warm for 12 hours at a bargain £6:

Then onto da club 🐛. No pre schoolers to amuse us BUT that meant more eggs for us 🥚🙏 and we also picked one up for my friend who we were visiting because…

HOT CROSS BUNS my lovely friend saw stocks were getting low so she got me some 😘. No idea how she knows I eat hot cross buns. Whilst we were picking them up we used it as on opportunity to invade their afternoon, talked about poo, vomited on their toys and left. Perfect etiquette.

On our travels we picked up my Amazon delivery from ‘Lucy’ the locker at co-op. My delivery included this watch at a bargain £14:

Then my day just kept on getting better because when I got home there was this:

I did not pay for this magazine. Instagram gave me a link to get it for free. I didn’t even have to sign my life away and remember to cancel or get charged. Literally a free magazine.

And that letter underneath it…that is AA asking me where I would like my £20 voucher for (as a thank you for using them). Thank YOU AA.

And then my almost ex husband came over to collect the dog for his vaccinations and he brought the new car seat. I convinced him to buy this expensive car seat and he carried it in grumbling about bankruptcy 😂😂. As the dog went in the car his ridiculously large and expensive, crash tested but huge, fancy cage had to be removed from my living room. GOODBYE MASSIVE CLUTTER. We used this vets trip as an opportunity to eat without the dog begging and being a distraction. It was peaceful and lovely.

So yeah, a fabulous day.

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