16th April: Just call me DIY Dave(y)

The title has overhyped it somewhat. I basically dismantled a bed and carried it downstairs. HOWEVER I did this whilst entertaining a high maintenance baby and then carried the various parts whilst I had the baby in a sling so I’m feeling fairly pleased with that achievement. Plus I did it all on my own whilst my Dad was out walking Frank (I have a very helpful Dad who assists with housework and dog care and baby entertainment where needed).

Other than that we went to the cheap carpet shop near Morrisons in Selby to pick up a massive bit of carpet…and I carried that to the car. Awkward shape aside it was actually easier to carry than the baby so Emily was passed to my Dad. Anyone who has a chubby nearly seven month old in a maxi cosi will know it is bloody hard to carry any kind of distance. The carpet has a rather ridiculous purpose in life, it’s going to live between the shed and garden. Basically we have a frustrating garden that resists all attempts to grow a lawn of anything except moss so we gave up and gravelled a couple of years ago. This obviously isn’t ideal for a crawling little one so whenever it’s sunny we shall drag out the cheap carpet so Emily can roll and toddle to her hearts content without making me panic. Not very Instagram worthy but better than an injured baby and a visit from social services.

I know my diary entries aren’t always riveting but I feel I should make an excuse for this bed dismantling, carpet purchasing blog of dreams. Basically I’m part way through a mini Game of Thrones marathon and I want to finish the new episode before I get too sleepy (although I must say all this cheese reunion stuff is a bit annoying, I want them to get onto the white walker killing already ffs).

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