15th April: Cake it till you make it

I quite like an inspirational quote, I’m not entirely sure this one makes sense but I had cake today and wanted an excuse to post a photo of it. So there you go.

I’m the kind of person that has too much time on their hands and takes a screenshot whenever she sees a nice quote (which you’ll probably be aware of if you ever post a good one on your insta stories). However my favourite quote didn’t need a screenshot. I read it after my husband said he was considering ending the marriage, in the no man’s land of the few weeks I spent in London before he confirmed he had made a decision. It’s a fairly simple one:

“my happiness does not depend on other people’s decisions”

I don’t live by this all of the time, after all I’m about to be going through divorce soon and I’m only human. However I find it a really good tool to give myself a telling off when I get stuck in a hole of self pity. I know that everyone has a down day and it’s not so easy if you have a mental illness, but ultimately the only person who can truly control your own happiness is you.

Sometimes you have to just wake up and think today I will do my best to be happy. Other people can do their own thing but it isn’t going to affect me.

Yes sometimes you can get overwhelmed by negative emotions and it’s healthy to let them out. But once you’ve had a bit of time to process them you need to make the conscious decision to be happy. If you think negatively too often it can become habitual and you can end up on a downward spiral which is good for no one. So as much as I can I’m trying to count my blessings and stay on the happy side of life.

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