11th April: Good vibes only

* edit – I posted this title and then realised it sounds like a bit of a sex toy blog. It’s not that exciting. Just me hanging out in York *

I have decided today is a day of POSITIVITY

We had our weekly Gingerbread meet up today, there were lemon French fancies on offer and some running toddlers Emily enjoyed watching but seemed a bit jealous she couldn’t join in with them. One of the girls was given a bag of My Little Ponies. It was SO cute watching her excitement as she went through the bag and told me what she liked best about each pony. Emily is lovely at the moment but I am looking forward to the playing and conversations and excitement at things when she is older.

After the meet up I thought we would make use of being in York and go for a wander. As usual when I’m on my own I started photographing everything. The cover photo is my favourite as it has a sleeping baby and there is nothing better than a sleeping baby, but here are some others I got:

We resisted the shops and bought a cheap cooplands sandwich and a big mocha from Cafe Nero to eat in the park behind the minster. After that we had a potter about and enjoyed the flashes of sun and music from the buskers.

The church next to the minster was open and I’ve never been in before so we had a look around. Some kind of church social must have been ending as we had a few chats with the regulars. One man was telling me he was from Sussex, like an idiot I said I was visiting next weekend and after him guessing various places we worked out that I’m actually going to Suffolk. They really should have prepared me for things like this at geography school. It’s stupid but as they are church people I felt like I should be hiding my left (ringless) hand. One of them was telling me that her daughter had just married and acquired four step children so I don’t know why I was so bothered about them thinking I was unmarried as I’m guessing their son in law had probably been divorced. I guess I’m stuck in the 1950s. Anyway here are some photos:

I couldn’t face McDonald’s toilets or the outrage I would face at a car nappy change so we snuck into York Library which is actually really pretty! If I didn’t have a baby I would absolutely get a book and chill out there for a bit:

Other than that I did a mini tour of houses I will buy as my weekend home when I ‘marry up’, here is my number one. It is the castle looking building on the right of the bridge (also bonus photo of my face). It is part of the city walls and is actually a home that was on RightMove a couple of years ago. It has a roof terrace with a flag pole. Wow.

My second best is the development next to the minster, it is a lot more private so I had to be a bit of a weird stalker and peer right into it to get a photo. Worth it though:

Third favourite is St Leonards Place. The whole thing got renovated recently and the adverts looked FANCY. Plus I could literally crawl out of bed and into Betty’s for breakfast.

After this Emily had been slinging for a long time and I felt bad putting her straight in the car seat so we are now hanging out at The Principal Hotel. I love it here as it’s nice and big she can wriggle around on the sofas. They do a good afternoon tea here but I’m poor so it’s just an earl grey, happily with loose leaf tea:

Also Emily is looking and acting gorgeous, the waitress said she made her day so here is some baby perfection:

So it’s only 2pm and we have had a pretty good day so far so I’m going to leave it here and head back to the car.

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